Matthias Church
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Matthias Church, the centuries of the Church of our Lady in Budavár (1246-2013)

Hardback cover, in Hungarian language, 776 pages, approx. 215x297 mm

A book of studies and a catalogue with a similar title, published for the double exhibition opened in the Budapest History Museum and the Matthias Church, covers all aspects of the history of this emblematic church with unprecedented thoroughness. The volume gives us an insight into the history of the building and the institutions of the main church of Buda, its rich musical past and present, its furnishings and equipment, and the historical events that took place in its context. A series of studies introduces us to the hitherto unexplored secrets of the reconstruction by Frigyes Schulek at the end of the 19th century, and also presents the exceptionally richly preserved drawings of the restoration. The almost 800 pages of this volume, illustrated with unique images, contain sixty studies and 376 descriptions, which are a perfect testimony to the words of Cardinal Mindszenty in 1947:
This Holy Church is the heart of the country,
This is the heart of the church.